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We are not taught to listen to our Soul, in fact, we are often taught to ignore it, to build our lives around an agenda that society, our parents, our peers —someone else— has told us matters. And we do live that way, starving our Soul, until it begins to make itself noticed, calling patiently to us again and again. We may decide not to make room for it in our life, to bury its message, until its call turns urgent and we become depressed, or we get sick or some terrible event shakes us out of our blindness.
Fortunately, we can learn to recognize the ways in which our Soul communicates with us.
1. Are you going through the motions of your life, without feeling any meaning or purpose to what you do? Does it feel like you are living a life you never really wanted? Do you feel an “itch” and anxiety that has no focus? This is your soul calling.
When we experience this lack of meaning or purpose, it can feel hard to build up the motivation, the energy to do even the things that are supposed to be important to us. For example, my client, Ingrid, had always been very devoted to her family and never gave space to herself. Over time she was finding it hard to be attentive to her partner and patient with her children. With a minimum amount of coaching, she realized that, to be the person she aspired to be within her family, she was needing to connect to her Soul, to renew the sense of purpose in her life.
2. Do you recognize a pattern in the challenges you face? In fact, do you feel stuck in them? This is your Soul calling.
I had a client, Rose, who needed to earn a living and felt that pursuing her love of painting would require too much of her time, and not bring in the money she needed to cover her basic expenses. She spent over a year scraping by, interviewing for positions and sending out resumes without any positive answers, in spite of her varied skills and experience in office management and retail sales. After a few months of being turned down even for the positions she knew she was really qualified for, Rose knew she was stuck. Coaching helped her find the courage to listen to her Soul and turn back to her real love, art, and when she did, the pattern broke and she was able to earn find employment and make an ample living.
3. Do you have a passion, something that really excites you, but also feels too difficult and scary to contemplate making room for in your life?
Passion is one of the favorite tools the Soul uses to call us. Sandra loved writing, she had done it since she was a child, but she madden mobile cheats tool stopped as an adult because she felt she had nothing valuable to say and was afraid someone would find her opinions unfounded. Fear and self-consciousness can make us come up with tons of apparently powerful reasons why we should not or cannot indulge our passion. But if you stop and think about your own passion for a moment, you’ll realize it’s actually energizing, revitalizing; that’s because it feeds your Soul. Sandra was trying to bring balance into her marriage and her life at work, but our sessions together uncovered that the balance she sought would only come if she found the courage to feed her Soul and respond to its calling through her passion for writing.
4. Do people keep telling you you would be great at pursuing what scares you?
Patterns seem to be another of the Soul’s favorite tools to catch our attention. Often, other people, who are not invested in your life staying the way it is, are the ones who recognize that there traffic racer cheats ios is something right about you pursuing that which seems so terrifying or complicated to you. Your Soul speaks to you through them. This is exactly what happened to Jutta, who worked as a medical technician and happened to be very intuitive. Her friends and some patients kept telling her she was some kind of psychic, but Jutta was too concerned that she would lose her job to mention her intuitive abilities to her superiors.
5. Does life seem to keep pushing you in a direction you have not been inclined to follow?
The Soul uses synchronicity to ease us piano tiles 2 cheats android into understanding or throw us into doing what feeds it. In the case of Jutta, above, a doctor she worked for asked her to expand her skills and attend a seminar that was taking place in the same hotel as one about medical intuitives. Jutta wound up talking to one of the attendees of the other seminar at the lunch buffet. A few weeks later, she was given a gift, a book written by a medical intuitive. At around the same time, a (different) doctor that she worked for, who kept hearing from patients that she had predicted what the procedures later discovered, asked her to record her predictions for him.
Jutta could not deny what was right in front of her. Recognizing her Soul, allowing it space in her life was her first step. It is the first step for each of us. It takes strength and courage to face what our Soul is asking us to do, for so often it is asking us to stretch out of our comfort zone, out of what we know. This is an energizing, vitalizing process; thrilling like an adventure, full of the unknown, it pulls us forward on a path that only our Soul can chart, but that fills our life with meaning and depth, and leads us to live an authentic life.
We don’t have to do this on our own, without support. As Jutta did, you can find the strength, courage and support that you need to recognize and answer your Soul’s calling by emailing me at Andrea at for a free introductory session.