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There is a wide variety of grass that is available to the consumer this is because there is different desires that people have that will incline them to purchase grass as appose to other ground surfaces. All of the grasses that are available on a regular basis from the local turf farms around the Perth metro area will leave the end user of the product with a functional and astatically pleasing product for their intended use.


Soft Leaf Buffalo

The soft leaf buffalo has been on the Australian market for a substantial period of time this is for a variety of reasons some of the main ones are the fact that the soft leaf buffalo cultivars are very nice to walk on in barefoot, they do have a deeper green look to them on most occasions, and soft leaf buffalo will usually hold its colour better during the year. Buffalo is more prone to a thatch problem then other grasses and the buffalo will require verti-mowing on a more regular basis then other lawns. The buffalo is also more susceptible to more selective herbicides then couch therefore it is harder to control broad leaf and fine leaf weeds in the buffalo.


Couch Cultivars

The couch cultivars in the past have been long thought of as the second thought to buffalo however that said the couch now that it is able to be grown and sold in a environment where the product can be controlled (turf farms) the end result has brought a higher level of satisfaction to the client then what was reality in the past. The main positives for the buffalo are: the fact that the couch has the ability to grow above and below the ground means that it recovers from wear and tear quicker, there is a more dense growth this makes it harder for broad leaf weeds as long as it is mowed on a regular basis. The couch can at time be very invasive as long as the grass has some solid barriers around it you will have a good time.


Zoysia Japonica 

The Zoysia japonica is very new to the Australian market and it has been sold very well to the general public as a newcomer it struggled at first however it is now a more established name. the main realities that attract people to the Zoysia is the fact that like the couch it has a ability to grow above and below the ground, it is not very invasive and will not occupy your garden beds, if the Zoysia is mowed a longer then then other grasses it can have a very dark green look to it, there is also many cases of the Zoysia using less water then what was thought would be needed due to its deep root system. The Zoysia is known take longer to recover from general wear and tear then other grasses. Their also exist a bacterial rust that has the ability to grow on the Zoysias leaf this creates a brown look that if left untouched to grow can be hard to get under control.



The kikuyu has long been relegated to the sports field and commercial entities this is largely due to the past views that it can be very invasive and is therefore not suitable to the average domestic premises. There is still a view in the community in general that this is the currant reality however that said the kikuyu cultivars over the years have improved. The new cultivars of kikuyu such as the village green have the same rapid root development as before with a better frost tolerance and good weed suppression and very good recovery from wear and tear. The kikuyu if maintained and with solid boundaries around it is great for a larger area that sees regular activities on it.


Trees and Plants

Perth what many around the world would call a dry climate this said with the invention or reticulation and water agents with your fertilizer it is possible to change this on the individual level without too much of a cost to be a impost on the average person. In Perth there is a huge variety of plants that a induvial can grow or purchase when selecting what plants you desire it is important for the individual to consider the following factors. How much time you have to maintain the aesthetic beauty of the plant and it health, the finished growing dimensions of the plant, what times of the year that the plant will come into flower, the environment that the plant is going to grow in shade soil drainage etc. just about every property in Perth has plants this is because this is because gardens can be made to suit individual taste and gardens from a aesthetic perspective have a ability to look awesome.

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