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Bothered by read more body odor or BO? You’re not alone. Millions of people have this problem and like you, they can’t stand it.
To understand the nature of the problem, let’s examine how sweat is produced. Perspiration is the product of sweat glands which are situated in the deepest of several skin layers.
Regardless of how you view it, sweating is a healthy activity for it is the body’s own way of cooling itself and maintaining a regular temperature vital to life.
However, it does not always occur when the body is overheated. Sometimes, sweating may be caused by nervous tension, anxiety, excitement or fear. This problem is common among adolescents. When sweating is profuse, the condition is known as hyperhidrosis.
Problems also arise when perspiration cannot easily eva¬porate. This may arise from wearing poorly ventilated clothes or shoes. Profuse sweating also makes perspiration alkaline and may encourage the growth of certain bacteria. When this hap¬pens, the sweat, which is normally odorless, may decompose and acquire an objectionable odor as a result of bacterial action. This condition is called bromidrosis.
There are two types of sweat glands: the apocrine and the eccrine. The largest of these are the apocrine glands which ironically have nothing to do with sweating. They are found only in certain areas of the body like the armpits, the nipples of the breast, the navel and the anal-genital region. Our body has more eccrine glands and these are highly concentrated in the palms and the soles.
These two glands also differ from the secretions they megapolis hacks emit. Although large in size, the apocrine glands secrete only small amounts of a milky, viscid fluid which contribute little to perspiration. This same fluid, however, may acquire an un¬pleasant odor when it comes in contact with bacteria.
Fortunately, body odor is not a serious problem and the best cure is personal cleanliness. Sometimes, frequent baths and a change of clothing is all that’s really needed.
If profuse sweating is caused by anxiety or fear, then an attempt must be made to identify the cause of these symptoms in order to improve one’s condition. If the clothes you wear do not allow proper ventilation of your body, change them.
Sweating may also tell you megapolis hack 2017 how fit you are, and those who are in poor physical condition are more likely to perspire. The amount of sweat the body secretes also depends on one’s lifestyle. If you cannot change this, you can avail of various deodorants or antiperspirants that are available in the market. Choose one that works for you.
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